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Invite and Earn- Use's latest referral program to let the ones you love to join

We are excited to announce the launch of the "Invite and Earn" campaign at! This initiative is not only a way to give back to our loyal users but also a result of our extensive communication and feedback collection from the creative community. Through this campaign, every user can quickly gain increased upload limits, extended storage duration, and highly attractive discounts on PRO memberships.

Why Launch the "Invite and Earn" Campaign?

Over the past few months, the team has actively engaged with users from various creative fields, including photographers, designers, advertisers, and filmmakers. Through surveys, user interviews, and community interactions, we have gained a deep understanding of the challenges and expectations our users face while using our platform.

  1. Increased Upload Limits Many creative professionals have expressed their need to upload large files and high-resolution works. The current upload limits sometimes fall short of their requirements. Hence, we decided to offer higher upload limits in the "Invite and Earn" campaign to help users share their creations with ease.
  2. Extended Storage Duration For filmmakers and advertisers, project timelines can be lengthy, making long-term storage crucial. This campaign allows users to extend their storage duration, alleviating concerns about data loss and storage expiration.
  3. PRO Membership Discounts To further enhance user experience, we learned that many users are interested in the advanced features and services provided by the PRO membership but desire more affordable pricing. The "Invite and Earn" campaign offers participants highly attractive discounts on PRO memberships, making it more accessible for everyone to enjoy premium features. How to Participate in the "Invite and Earn" Campaign? Participating in the "Invite and Earn" campaign is straightforward. Just follow these steps:
  4. Log in to your account: If you don’t have an account, sign up first.
  5. Generate your invitation link: Go to the campaign page and create your unique invitation link.
  6. Invite friends: Share your invitation link with friends, colleagues, or on social media.
  7. Friends register and activate their accounts: When your friends register and activate their accounts using your invitation link, both you and your friends will receive corresponding rewards.


By participating in the "Invite and Earn" campaign, you and your friends can receive:

  • Increased upload limits: Each successful referral will significantly boost your upload limits.
  • Extended storage duration: Each successful referral will extend your storage duration.
  • PRO membership discounts: The more friends you invite, the bigger the discount on PRO membership, with up to 50% off.

Value of the Campaign

The "Invite and Earn" campaign is not just a simple user reward program; it reflects our deep commitment to the creative community. We aim to genuinely assist every user, providing more convenience and support through this campaign. For photographers, designers, advertisers, and filmmakers, is an ideal platform to showcase talent and share creativity. Through this campaign, we hope to attract more creative individuals to join our community and explore infinite creative possibilities together.


The growth of is inseparable from the support and feedback of every user. We will continue to listen to your voices and continuously improve our services. We encourage everyone to participate actively in the "Invite and Earn" campaign and invite more friends to join Together, let’s create a more brilliant future.

Log in now, get your unique invitation link, and start inviting friends! Let’s move creativity forward, like a pro, with!