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Set a price, share your work, and get paid with

We have always prided ourselves on maintaining close relationships with the global creative community. For many who make a living from their creative talents, being their file-sharing platform of choice is a deeply gratifying experience. This connection not only allows us to learn about many inspiring stories but also to hear about the frustrations you encounter in your daily work. For instance, earning money is a constant challenge: pricing projects, adjusting rates, handling invoices, and more.

The most difficult issue, however, is getting paid. Our research shows that 87% of content creators have experienced this problem. We don't want this to become the industry standard, so we challenged ourselves to make earning money through content creation as simple and effortless as sharing files. We know that is already an essential tool for your daily interactions with clients, customers, and fans. We set out to enhance this experience by designing the most seamless way to add a price to your projects or content—saving you time and energy that can be better spent on your talent and building a successful business.

After a period of development, testing, and feedback from early users, we are officially launching the payment feature for all users worldwide. Our goal is to help anyone in a creative profession or earning through a side hustle, without requiring you to leave your familiar workflow or incur additional costs.

All registered users of can use this feature for free, with taking only a small fee as the content platform. If you would like to give it a try, please click here.

How to get started

  1. Upload your files — Upload your work to any space in as usual.
  2. Set your price — Click 'Share' and select the payment option, choosing the price you want each visitor to pay. We currently offer four price points ranging from $0.5 to $2.15. We will optimize this part later.
  3. Share the link directly — Copy the link and share it with clients via email or WhatsApp. Post the link to your social media or website to reach a wider audience.
  4. Clients pay to download — Before anyone can download your files, they need to pay, ensuring you get paid before delivery.

We hope you enjoy using the payment feature as much as the many creative workers and content creators we serve. Whether you're a freelancer, photographer, videographer, designer, or an aspiring content creator relying on your brand and timely payments to sustain yourself, we understand the challenges you face.

Whether you are working on major projects with clients or creating eBooks, video tutorials, or any other profitable niche, you have found—your time is valuable and should not be spent chasing payments.

But we are not stopping here. Over the next few weeks, stay tuned as we roll out more features to support your growth, such as showcasing and promoting your brand directly on your portal. Soon, you will be able to add social links and consolidate all your important channels in one place.

This is an exciting chapter for us, and we would love to hear your feedback as you make the most of these new updates. Stay tuned for more news as we continue to expand our platform, creating a one-stop destination for your creative endeavors and helping millions of people globally make a lasting impact through creativity.