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Hi, this is | AI intelligent digital content delivery, collaboration platform Welcome to woc's update log, come and see what new features has brought to everyone recently

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Interface Optimization

  • Homepage Display Update

    We have updated the display of the homepage to enhance the user experience and visual appeal, giving users a better first impression when they visit the website.

  • Login Page Display Update

    The display of the login page has also been optimized to make the login process more intuitive and user-friendly.

Help Center Tech Stack Migration

We have completed the tech stack migration for the Help Center. The new tech stack will provide more stable and efficient services, while also offering a more aesthetically pleasing interface.

Right-Click File Copy Single Direct Link

All users can now use the right-click file copy single direct link feature without additional permissions. Due to cost and risk considerations, currently, only one-time download direct links are supported, which will be invalidated after the download.

Space Transfer Without Checking Remaining Space

Fixed the issue where space transfer did not check the remaining space size. Thanks to " Fellow Traveler" group member Yu Miao for the feedback.

Support for Previewing Almost All Common File Types

All users (even anonymous users) can now preview almost all common file types, except for compressed files.

Temporarily removed the feature that allowed previewing images and videos during the upload process. We look forward to its return soon.


Archive Feature

Users can now easily archive shared content to their own space.

QR Code Sharing

When sharing links, users can now directly copy the QR code image for easier mobile browsing.

Other Enhancements

  • Enhancement: Users can now edit the name when creating a new space. Finally!
  • Enhancement: Added QR code loading animation to the Alipay payment page.
  • Enhancement: Added hover tips for numerous buttons to clarify their functions.
  • Enhancement: Improved loading speed of the member page.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed the sharing settings for expired PRO users.


Overseas services migrated to Volcano

Significant improvement in overseas speed

Uncommon enhancement

Worth everyone's experience

Browser tab displays upload progress

Ordinary little tag

Speed display is refreshing

Subtle interactions are stunning

May woc soar to the sky soon

Visual adjustments in the core operation area, main buttons turn green!

More harmonious visual coordination

Green eye protection is scientific

100 ways to entice anonymous users to register

Mini status bar at the bottom of the anonymous user space page, persistently reminding that logging in can provide more benefits (mine is not big, please bear with me~)



Cancel the login requirement for anonymous users to download and preview

Previously, due to cost considerations, we had a rule: for content uploaded by anonymous users, other users had to log in to preview and download. However, this goes against user experience. We should provide users with a simpler and more convenient experience to gain their trust and foster positive conversions, rather than probing the limits of users for the sake of our own product metrics. Therefore, on the 7th day of the anonymous launch, we have lifted this restriction. From now on, anonymous users will also be able to preview all content.

100 ways to entice anonymous users to register

In addition to successful uploads, there are more "aha moments" that can be added, such as adding attractive animations for successful downloads, successful creation of new spaces, and so on.

SEO Optimization

Let "woc" become popular quickly!

Published another article on wechat = build in public


For Free Plan Users: Increased the number of spaces to 5

List Mode

Spaces support two display modes: list and card. The default mode is card, while list mode allows for more space information to be displayed, facilitating easier management for users.

List Mode


Based on usage data and user feedback, we have removed some less practical features, primarily focusing on sharing management:

  1. Removed: Download notification option
  2. Removed: Access notification option
  3. Removed: Allow anonymous download option
    • Removed feature, changed to default rule
    • Now, only links shared anonymously will require the recipient to log in to download.

100 Ways to Seduce Anonymous Users into Registering

After successful upload, prompt users to log in for another sharing space.

Add a nice animated image to the prompt.

Bug Fix Fixed the issue where PRO-shared videos required users to log in for preview.


Optimization of Reminder Emails

  • Optimization: Rewrote the email content to be more friendly and clear in explaining our product, while also optimizing the timing of email delivery.
  • Added: Google one-click login


Bug Fixes

  • Bugfix: Fixed the issue where it was not possible to upload files using a shared link from others.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the problem where files appeared as multiple instances when using a shared link from others.
  • Optimization: Optimized the expiration time and sending frequency of short-term verification codes.
  • Optimization: Space expiration time now accurate to the hour, with enhanced reminders when it is less than 24 hours.
  • Optimization: Enhanced the layout design of the "Sharing Settings" options.


Extended Duration of PRO Subscription

The effective duration of PRO has been adjusted from calendar month/calendar year to monthly = 31 days, yearly = 372 days, offering better value for money. Join us and become a PRO user now!

BUG Fixes

  • Node optimization: significant improvement in upload and download speeds
  • bugfix: Google login issue resolved
  • bugfix: in some cases, new shares are not displayed when entering the "Share Management" page.
  • bugfix: the "Feedback" button not responding
  • bugfix: incorrect positioning of the two QR codes on the "Help Center" - "Feedback" page


Free User Storage Space Increased to 2GB

Starting now, all free users will receive 2GB of storage space, with the same unlimited speed as always. Invite your friends to use it too!

No Login Required, Anonymous Use now supports anonymous use. No login is needed to enjoy 2GB of space and unlimited speed transfers.

Note: Anonymous users are prohibited from uploading compressed files.

After logging in, users can configure in the sharing permission settings whether to support anonymous access.

Homepage update, supporting anonymous use

Homepage Update Image


Bugfix: Forced access password issue when not set

New: Login and registration guide button


Subscription Upgrade: 7-Day Free Trial

Bugfix: Fixed the issue on the iOS Safari browser where clicking the download button on the space page did not respond.

New Feature: The 'Help' button will now have a red dot indicator when there are updates available.

Subscription PRO Logic Upgrade: Starting today, users who upgrade to PRO will directly receive 7 days of free experience. Pay only if you are satisfied after the trial. (This offer is currently available only for users who pay through the credit card payment channel.)

7-Day Free Trial


Expanded Supported File Types: You can now upload compressed package files.


Right-click Function

This update mainly focuses on the Overview page (Space List) and the Space page. If you have any other features you want to add to the right-click, please let us know!

Overview Page (Space List) Space Page
Right-click Function 1 Right-click Function 2

Space Cover Effect Update

Is it better looking? You say

Space Cover

PRO Upgrade Page Update

Users don't pay, it must be that our payment page is not attractive enough, optimized, hurry up and buy ~!

Payment Page


AI Capability Update and Digital Asset Dialogue

2024-04-24 AI Capability Online

AI Document Summary and Collaboration Comment

Starting now, PRO members can experience the AI summary feature for document content first. Due to the cost of the selected service, free users temporarily cannot use this feature. We will solve this problem as soon as possible and gradually open it to all users!

For collaboration capabilities, we have added collaboration comments and their corresponding permission control functions. AI operation results will also be saved as comments from the operator.

AI Document Summary AI Document Summary

UI Comprehensive Upgrade & Mobile Capability Completion

This time we updated almost all pages, and cleaned up many UI, interaction and experience issues at the same time.

At the same time, we have achieved a consistent upgrade of the mobile experience, and now you can use comfortably through the mobile web.

UI Upgrade Share Management Function

Share links not only store and query, but also can edit the permissions of the generated share links, take effect in time, and finely control

Share Management

Team Edition

Yes, we quietly developed the team edition. Team Edition


  • Fixed: Upload speed intermittent anomaly
  • Fixed: Occasional inability to drag and drop files
  • for upload


Share Optimization

The short link rule is modified, and the short link becomes shorter, from /share/space/XXXX to /s/XXXXX

2024-04-17 MVP Official Release

【New species arrived】, global unlimited speed large file transfer, reshaping the cloud speed delivery ecology!


File Details Page, Download Button Update


PDF, OFFICE and other common file format preview

Starting now, PRO members can experience the online preview function of various file formats such as PDF, PPT, Word, Excel first. Due to the cost of the selected service, free users temporarily cannot use this feature. We will solve this problem as soon as possible and gradually open it to all users!


Simplified Home Page, More Intuitive and Convenient

Home Page

Member Upgrade Page Information Structure Update

During the beta period, we are thanking users with activities, offering a 20% discount for quarterly members and an additional month for annual members, with the lowest cost equivalent to 9 yuan per month.

Payment Page


Pixel-level Share Permission Control

From users, for the future digital asset management/delivery platform focused on collaboration and intelligent capabilities, the secure sharing of files is paramount. To meet this point, we immediately launched this capability after receiving user demands, and we will continue to iterate this part of the capabilities.

Permission Control

Serve Your Followers and Be Your Personal Business Card

I believe that with a traditional tool, a platform capable of accommodating future AI intelligent capabilities, and equipped with digital asset management, delivery, collaboration, and creation capabilities, the core of the platform must be different from traditional cloud drives. With this goal in mind, we have completed the first step of our commercialization. We hope that our users are willing to grow with us and help us gradually achieve the goal of "AI intelligent infrastructure for digital assets".

Payment Page

Earlier Records

  • Payment directly displays the Alipay QR code, no need to jump
  • Share permission setting feature launched
  • Non-previewable files display file extensions
  • Adjust the style of space name modification
  • Upgrade page style adjustments
  • Add upload speed display during upload
  • Fixed a bug where a single file download appeared as a compressed package
  • Fixed a bug where the received space size displayed abnormally
  • Fixed a bug where received files were not displayed independently of the space
  • Moved the sharing module of the personal panel to the top right corner

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